Kids birthday parties can be a fond memory your child will cherish their entire lives. When parents take the time to plan their child’s birthday party, it shows that child that he or she is special and important member of the family who is loved. Someone to be celebrated on the date of their birth! If you think back to your own favorite childhood birthdays, I am sure a few birthdays certainly out shined others. Likely they involved laughter, excitement, wonder, and other strongly positive emotions.

Birthday Parties

So, how do you create an awesome kids party? Knowing what your child likes is the key. Are they into sharks, bugs, fairy tales, a certain TV character or book? Setting a theme to the party is not only a good idea, it sets the stage for fantastic memories.

All birthday parties have the same elements; friends, cake or dessert, delicious foods, balloons, music and entertainment. Get your child involved in the details, what is their favorite food or maybe their favorite fun food like popcorn or cotton candy? Has your child recently wanted to watch the same show over and over, or asked for the same story to be read? Maybe your child is older and plays soccer, football or is part of a chess club? Whatever it may be, the “party theme” should be easy for the parent to figure out.

Some great ways to bring in your child party theme is with party balloons, photo booth backdrops, specialty theme cake or cupcakes or with themed party decor. You can also hire entertainment such as characters, magicians, and other performers or actors to play the part. Jumpers or Bouncy Castles are great for kid and adults alike. Some inflatable rentals come with themed colors or shapes or for a more posh party or for little ones try a white bouncy castle!

No matter what the theme is, try to add a few fun concession machines like popcorn, cotton candy or snow cones to add fun and excitement. Concession food is a fast quick and easy way to serve snacks to your guests. You could hire a caterer, or you can put out a grazing board with fun finger foods like cheese, deli meats and other kid favorites – pizza is always in vogue!

Kids Birthday Party Food

The most important part of the party is for the child to have fun and feel a sense of community, love and friendship along with wonder and excitement – this treasure of the emotions and senses ensures awesome birthday parties to remember forever.

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