Wedding Details

Small details for your wedding ceremony can make the whole experience feel like the dreamy wedding you have always wanted! From decor to flowers and selecting the right party rentals, our wedding design tips should help you create a memorable event for everyone.

  • Dress up your chair rentals with a small floral gift, a printed keepsake for your guests or a printed wedding program. *TIP: Use special paper and a logo or photo to make your program a keepsake.
  • Florals on the arch, entry tables, aisle, etc. Flowers are symbolic and add something fresh and you can pick from a bounty full of your favorite colors.
  • Enter the aisle in style with decorative tables, lanterns, flowers or an aisle runner.
  • Offer your guests some shade by using a few umbrellas or tents. *TIP: Place umbrellas at the back outer edges of the ceremony.
  • After the ceremony celebrate with champagne or sparkling cider by adding a table, linen, champagne flutes and ice buckets. This also creates a casual social environment for people to wait and have their pictures taken. *TIP: Hide the flute dish rack under the table.

Below are a few photos of ceremony rentals that the clients have dressed up to suit their look and style.


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