How to host a small party at home step by step

Having more than a few friends over might seem overwhelming, in fact so overwhelming you might try to get out of it! Below are some simple party tips that are sure to help you host any small event with ease. Let’s review some advise for how to host a small party at home using out 5 favorites…

Small Party At Home

1.) Decide on your guests, The Who, when and where?

2.) Send your invites at least 3 weeks ahead, confirm 7 days ahead.

3.) Decide on a theme – what would the friends you chose to invite enjoy the most?

4.) Now create a budget, how much do you want to spend?

5.) Make a list of items you’ll need; don’t forget seating, decor, fun games, heating or cooling etc.

6.) Make a food and drink plan; who, what, when, how it will be served. Easiest idea is to hire a caterer, food truck, restaurant or even a grocery store.

7.) Make a decorations list; balloons, lighting, draping – don’t stress, keep it simple or hire a decorator.

8.) Don’t forget yourself! Hair, Makeup, Dress – have a plan.

9.) Get your home professionally cleaned the day before!

10.) Make a playlist or hire a DJ

11.) Plan some activities; corn hole, bocce ball, karaoke – whatever fits your group.

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12.) Make sure all of your gathered items are in place the night before!

13.) The day of your party be sure to put out a sign and some balloons so your friends can find the party.

14.) Turn on the music, put out the food and greet your guests!

The tips above will help you plan any simple party, where you just want to be prepared and have a memorable time. Event boils down to the the 5 basic points: friends, food, comfort, music, and fun!

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