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Budget-Friendly Party Planning: How Glassware Rentals Help You Save Money on Your Event

Consider opting for glassware rentals for your next event, and you’ll save money and contribute to a more sustainable an

Fine China Rentals

The Havana Collection Featuring Our Newest Fine China Rentals, The Havana Collection. This gorgeous place setting comes in bot

Santa Barbara Farmhouse Wedding

This wedding setting was on a farm in the Santa Barbara mountains. The bride and groom designed this wedding using our Farmhou

Boho Birthday Dinner

Boho Birthday Dinner Inspired by moroccan dining, this boho chic dinner was created by using our wood ottoman benches as table

Mansion Wedding

Mansion Wedding Geometric lines with gold accents make this wedding so attractive. This rental included; string lighting, frui

Tropical Inspired Party Rentals

Look no further for your Tropical themed party rentals! We have paired the cutest with the classic and have a Tropical party t

Dia De Los Muertos Wedding

Dia De Los Muertos Wedding Reception This colorful wedding reception at Casa De La Guerra took advantage of the open space and

Burgundy Inspiration

Burgundy Inspiration The bride for this budget friendly wedding used a burgundy wine inspired color scheme. The linens are b

Fiesta Wedding

Fiesta Wedding Colorful and fun! This fiesta themed wedding took place at Casa De La Guerra in downtown Santa Barbara. Since S

Lavender Wedding

Lavender Wedding This family orchestrated wedding at Chase Palm Park had all the right touches. Lavender, White and Ivory gave

Faux Burlap

Faux Burlap Real burlap is a harsh product. It’s undesirable texture makes it unappealing for a soft environment like a

Fall Colors

Fall Colors Earthy colors bring together a fall theme nicely. Think Almond, Copper, Terra Cotta or Cinnamon.

Sunflower Boxes

Sunflower Boxes Another bride designed wedding! This one used simple elements to create a bohemian yet elegant wedding theme.

Honoring Yellow

Honoring Yellow This event had a special yellow purpose, the family of a lost loved one wanted to honor them by displaying the

Basic Place Setting

Basic Place Setting We gathered some items from the warehouse to help our clients see what a basic place setting looks like us

Cactus Centerpiece

Cactus Centerpiece The white linen and jewel green napkins surround a cactus garden encased in a round vase. To incorporate

Imagine Park

Imagine Park This wedding took place at Imagine Park with a reception to follow. The wedding included a ceremony using the arb

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