Office parties can be made interesting provided it is planned right with all the correct party supply rentals.

Office parties seem to be exciting at first, but when one steps into one, it just looks the same. Some go for the food, some to socialize a bit, and many people go unwillingly. It is hard to believe that office parties can also be worth remembering. The trick is to plan it well so that it seems fun and interesting to all attending it and interesting enough to keep them at the party for long. So, how to plan such office parties that will keep your employees talking about it for the next couple of days? Here are some ways to do that:

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Rent a Photo booth – Photos are fun, and we are not talking about clicking selfies. Office parties can get much more colorful and fun if photo booths exist. You can happily go on clicking pictures with your colleagues and friends and get the prints as memorabilia. No need to rely on others to take a picture. All you have to do is smile and pose.

Arrange for mocktails and a popcorn machine – What is a good party without a delicious food menu and drinks? If you have enough delectable and small bites arranged, you have to arrange the right drinks for the same. For a change, arrange for colorful and refreshing mocktails and soft drinks. You can also rent a popcorn machine for fresh popcorn served every time.

Throw in lawn games – Office parties need to be arranged at big venues. Most of them tend to come with a lawn. Hence, it is a great idea to take the party outdoors. Rent out a few lawn games and ask for active participation from the employees. You can put up a giant Jenga, Lawn bowling game, Croquet lawn game, Horseshoes lawn game, and even a Dunk Bucket game if the employees don’t mind getting wet. Place some prizes as a reward, which will keep the employees hooked.

Rent projectors and a movie screen for screening movies – After the games, you can arrange to screen some all-time classics that the employees can enjoy together. Host the outdoor cinema by renting an HD projector, movie screen, DVD player, and pro sound system. Outdoor cinemas are a great way to entertain your employees. Look up speaker rental near me for renting speakers and also a portable stage for a dance floor.

Arrange for a raffle drum – You can also go for a Raffle drum rental, extra large, casino-grade drawing bin. This random draw game can be exciting for your employees interested in drawing and winning a prize.

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Parties are fun, but they are exhausting as well. Apart from tables, go for ample Party Chair Rentals. Arranging for all these things won’t be difficult. You can contact a party rental company for all party supply rentals.

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