You may have noticed the helium prices increasing drastically over the past several months. If you have purchased pre-filled balloons, tried to fill your own balloons or rented a helium tank from a party rental company, you are sure to have felt the squeeze!

Helium Balloon

Helium suppliers are rationing the gas, due to sell offs to more important causes like the medical industry, aerospace, fiber optics and welding – all these industries buy helium. The previous pre pandemic helium shortage from several years ago increased the prices by about 30%.

So what is the future of helium balloon decor? According to Gas World, it is likely to let up by the end of the year. Helium is a by-product of fracking, which has had some delays in processing this year. Therefore once gas production stabilizes we are likely to see an increase in helium production and helium tank rentals can start one again. Party rental companies do anticipate and price hike by 30-75% but will again become stable at that price until the next shortage.

Here are Just 4 Fun Party Rentals, we have a small supply of helium that should last until the end of fall 2022. Although we are not renting helium tanks at this time, we will fill small balloon orders as needed for regular customers who desire a few balloon party decorations at their event.

Organic Balloon Garland Santa Barbara


Balloon Column in Santa Barbara

We encourage customers to think about air filled balloon decor, like balloon columns, air filled balloon decorations for the table, wall mounted organic balloon garlands, etc. If you need help planning your rentals and balloon decor please reach out to us at Just 4 Fun Party Rentals 805-680-5484.

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